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What Exactly is LeadFlow?

LeadFlow is an innovative new framework capable of generating massive and consistent lead flow for clients.

The framework is designed around powerful organic search engine optimization methods and the game-changing reliability of Retargeting to deliver lead performance like you’ve never seen.

Is Your Website Nowhere to be Found in Google?

No worries — we can scale LeadFlow and even design it around your capacity!

We build and optimize funnels that tap into strategic and powerful micro-sites, AttorneyMultiplier, and other highly effective lead-generating web properties. Our assets are designed to ‘plug-and-play’ so there will always be a new lead-generating asset ready for deployment in a moments notice.

STOP Wasting Money! Are You Tired of Paying Google Adwords?

You’re not alone — leads generated by LeadFlow are half the cost and will convert many times over Adwords because of the highly optimized conversion funnels and targeted traffic.

If you are tired of paying Google’s outrageous Adwords fees, plug into the new LeadFlow Matrix — and be prepared to take your lead generation to a whole new level!


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About Us

Attorney LeadFlow is a performance-based company that navigates law firms through the unchartered and often treacherous waters of “Lead Gen 2017″ and beyond, with an unparalleled level of performance, powered by the revolutionary LeadFlow Platform and utilizing our ‘patented’ AttorneyMultiplier software. 

Did your website get penalized by Penguin/Panda? Are you Sick and tired of paying for Adwords?

We take the heat from Google so you can focus on your core business — LeadFlow allows businesses to bypass the ever-changing scribe of website optimization rules and the always expensive Google Adwords alternative, for an  innovative way of generating consistent leads using a tried-and-true platform.

  Plug into Attorney LeadFlow Matrix and Feel The Power!

  • How Does LeadFlow Work?

    Lead gen as easy as 1-2-3. Seriously, find out how the most powerful lead generation platform on the Internet can build your client base.

  • Become an Exclusive Partner

    Because LeadFlow is so powerful, we take on an exclusivity relationship with our clients. This means all leads we generate for your practice area and geographical target are sent to you exclusively. We hope your aim is to grow your law firm, because we are looking for those kind of partners.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We have provided an FAQ section are for those that want to go deep into the bowels of Attorney LeadFlow to see exactly how the most powerful attorney lead generation platform works.

  • Contact Us

    If you are interested in driving massive and consistent leads exclusively for your law firm, please fill out our application form. If you have questions you can use our contact form or call us at (888) 421-4008.


Matthew C. Brown
I wanted to write this testimonial for the Attorney LeadFlow platform team.

Hopefully, after reading this you will make the smartest decision with regards to deciding how to get quality leads on a consistent basis for your law firm

If you purchase legal leads instead of creating your own “LeadFlow platform,” you are wasting both time and money.  Generating leads is no small task, but take it from a very happy client, the Attorney LeadFlow platform does it better than anything else in the market!

Matthew C. BrownBrown & Brown, PLC